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Dear Creators And Seekers Of Delicious Foods!

We built this directory as an extension of our love for entrepreneurs, food, and our belief that the way to a bright future is through eating locally grown and prepared foods.  Foods grown and prepared locally do not place the same burden on our planet because less fossil fuels are required to transport those foods.  Fresh food also does not contain the many ingredients added to processed goods that we know are harmful for us.

This directory will make it possible to discover new food artisans in your area, and to begin to experience the cultural tastes that surround you.  The new California law allowing microenterprise kitchens will open up so many possibilities for all of us.  Because we have worked with so many entrepreneurs, we know that getting business visible online with a website or other web presence can seem like a huge barrier, especially when you are starting very very small.  We want to eliminate that barrier for micro-entrepreneurs by providing first, a directory, and second, we would love to be partners with our members as their online needs evolve and grow.

May your future always be bright!

Wendy Louise Nog, Founder

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If you believe you are right, you must go ahead and see if you are.


We are with you on this journey every step of the way!

 January 1, 2019 – California Micro-enterprise Kitchen Opening Day!